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The B2B Guide to Marketing with Intent

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  • The B2B Guide to Marketing with Intent
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The future of SEO is intent-based strategies.

Leading B2B brands are already unlocking the true value of intent-qualified organic traffic, as it becomes more essential than ever. Learn how you can too.

We’ve got bad news, although it’s not really news anymore: The coming cookie sunset will make it much harder for advertisers to find and reach a qualified field of B2B buyers based on third-party data and persistent trackers of web behavior.

But what if we told you that there’s still a way to sustainably find your target audience – based not on who they are, but the questions they’re asking and the problems they’re trying to solve?

We’re not reinventing the wheel here. Organic SEO has been integral to digital marketing strategies for decades. But the landscape is shifting fast amid evolving algorithms, emerging AI tech, and content saturation. Many brands are struggling to keep up.

The way to move ahead is by centering your B2B content strategy on an intent-based SEO approach. By meeting your curious audience where they’re at with a quality experience, you can qualify cost-efficient organic traffic based on buyer motivations, and build brand trust as soon as they find your page atop the search results.

At TopRank Marketing, we’ve been helping big-name B2B brands achieve big gains through this data-driven approach, which is built to align with a modern buyer’s self-guided journey. And now we’re sharing our formula with you, because executing on this strategy will be more critical than ever in a near future fraught with data challenges, sophisticated AI tools, and murky economic conditions.

We’d love to help you, as we’ve been helping our clients stay ahead of the SEO curve for more than two decades, but at the very least we’d like to show you how it’s done.

Download our guide, Marketing with Intent: The Future of SEO and Qualified B2B Traffic, to learn:

  • Why search intent holds the key to elevating your content marketing in the face of new B2B challenges
  • Where the majority of legacy SEO strategies are getting it wrong
  • How to develop a keyword glossary and content roadmap driven by search intent
  • How to craft content that ranks high in search results, per Google’s guidelines
  • Examples of what high-growth B2B brands have been able to accomplish deploying this strategy in partnership with TopRank Marketing
Marketing with Intent: The Future of SEO and Qualified B2B Traffic